Monday, 17 October 2016

On Friday we went to Auckland Zoo to learn about animal adaptations. We had such a fun day! Here is a few of our highlights. Some things we learned were...

"Elephants walk on their tiptoes"-Diamon
"Elephants send vibrations through the ground to talk to other elephants"-Oliver
"Crocodiles have a v shaped snout and the alligator has a u shaped mouth"- Rose
"Snakes can camouflage and they have different patterns"-Loretta
"Camouflage means that they can blend in with their natural habitat"-Doris


  1. Hi Rm 21, it looks like you had fun at the zoo. What was your favourite part of the zoo trip?

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys have taught me things that I didn't know! Elephants walk on their...tiptoes???? Wow, that is fascinating!!
    You must know so much more about animals now Room 21!
    You can come and be the teachers for us.
    From Room 13.