Friday, 1 July 2016

Last Friday Rose got to share with the class how something can change from a liquid to a solid and a solid to a liquid by mixing corn flower, food colouring and water. It was a fun experiment! 

In Room 21 we have been learning about the water cycle. We wanted to see how water evaporates so we did an experiment where we could see for ourselves. First we dipped our hands in water then placed them on a hand towel and drew around our hands, we then watched to see over time what was happening to our hand prints.

This week Loretta got to teach the teacher. She taught us how to make milos. Yum!

We also did a maths problem solving challenge where students were in a team and raced to solve problems. They needed to hand in their task cards in order to receive the other one. Well done to all the teams, especially Olivers team for taking out first place!


  1. Wow Room 21 you have been so busy with your learning! Thank you for having Room 20 in the classroom this week for the Olympic Games Inquiry! The children have told me all about Michael Phelps and what a top swimmer he is! Mrs Trembath

  2. Wow! Room 21 you have been very busy! You must know a lot about science now!
    from Room 13

  3. Jessica says those chocolate cars look Fab!
    I wish I was there your chocolate cars look delicious by Evie
    Room 20