Thursday, 4 August 2016

Room 21 love our teach the teacher on Fridays! Last term Andrew shared how to make a volcanic eruption and to start the term off Diamon shared how to make eatable cars!  

We also had the Olympic flame come to Room 20, 16 and ours. The whole school came to watch our relays followed off by the Olympic oath we recited. It was a fun day!

Room 21 have also started our new topic in maths, multiplication and division. Students have done extremely well in finding groups of and using arrays to help us solve the answer 

We also were lucky to have ASB getwise programme come in and teach us about the importance of banking and saving money. We really enjoyed this and learned heaps. 


  1. Those edible cars look...AMAZING!! They also look...DELICIOUS!! We would love to know how to make them, then eat them! Yum, yum, yum!
    From Room 13

  2. Room 21, it looks like you have had an extremely busy month doing lots of really creative work and learning lots of cool and interesting things. Keep up the amazing work, you guys rock.
    Kylee (Natasha's mum Rm 13)