Thursday, 25 August 2016

Here's some of our writing that Room 21 have been working really hard on. We did some writing on when we were sick and made poetry pops for our senses poem.

Last week Regan got to teach the teacher. Wow such a great experiment! 

This Monday for maths week Room 21, 20 and 16 did a pac man challenge where they were in teams and were given a certain amount of math challenges that they needed to complete. If they had completed a challenge they got some stick it notes to make a pac man displayed on our class window. They teams did so well!


  1. Well done Room 21 on some great writing and poetry. I love the way that they are both displayed to also capture the reader's eye! The science experiment with milk and food colouring looked fun, plus the pacman maths problem solving looked engaging too! You are lucky learners to have Miss Tordeich planning exciting opportunities like this for you! What is your favourite thing about being in room 21?

  2. Room 21 after reading Doris's story I could imagine how she felt and what you she looked like when she was sick. That's what good description does. As for those Poetry Pops they sounded and looked good enough to eat!

  3. Oh my word! You have been extremely busy in Room 21! Keep up the hard work!
    From Room 13

  4. From Room 20 to Lukas and Sophie
    It would be a scary poem if it happened in real life!from Olivia
    Lukas I liked your poem and I wish I wasn't sick when I read that story. Sienna