Monday, 12 September 2016

We have started our growth mindset maths day challenges every Friday. We have been learning how to work in groups and that our brain grows when we make mistakes and that it is okay to make mistakes.
Here was one of our challenges for Maths last week where we had to interpret this graph as a team. We came up with some fantastic ideas so that next week we can make our own!

Room 21 have been also inquiring about how we are harming the earth. This week we looked at what waste can do to the earth if left in the landfill. We learned that a plastic jug takes over a million years to decompose. WOW 

Well done to Loretta for achieving all these awards in the Auckland Inter school Gymnastics. We were so proud of you!!

Last Friday Doris got to teach the teacher. She taught us how to make these awesome glitter globes!


  1. You have been very busy Room 21!
    From Room 13

  2. Well done everyone, you have all made an amazing effort. Looks like fun, from James mum. Will come and help on Monday arvo with your costumes.let me know if I need to bring my sewing machine

  3. Well done room 21, looks like a great effort by everyone, from James' mum

  4. Hi there neighbours in Room 21! We have been wondering about your Maths Challenges. We have also been thinking about how to change our mindset for tackling challenges and taking risks in our learning too. We can see you are taking some great steps in learning about your mindset - fantastic!